Daily Do-er


What is Daily Do’er?

This program is designed for the on the go person! This program gives you track-ability using our No Doubt App and Fitmetrics arm band and access to new work outs posted 5 days a week for you to do on your schedule!

We are bringing you FRESH, FUN and challenging workouts in the gym right to at home with little to no equipment.  

No matter your fitness level there is NO Doubt, we got something for you. Each workout will be posted daily in our private Daily Do’er Facebook group, along with demonstration and explanation of form and function.

Accountability is key! We have paired this program with our Fitmetrix Heart rate band to track your calories burned, heart rate and target zone. At the completion of each workout you will submit your workout and post the results. 

We are all on this journey together. 
You will also be able to use our No Doubt Fitness App to track all of your workouts no matter if it’s a jog or a quick walk around the block. 

Just because you're not doing the workout face to face, don't think we are going let you off the hook easy. Exec random check in and comparison for fitness benchmark workouts. I’m watching you like a hawk!

Want to be a Daily Do'er? Here's how!

1) Purchase the Fitmetrix Arm Band Here

2) Purchase a Daily Do-er Monthly Membership Here

3) Request to join the Daily Do-er Facebook Group Here

 (Please note that once you request to join the group we will approve your entry within 48 hours of confirmation of purchase of the Daily Do-er Monthly Membership)



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